Breed Standard For The Mini Rex


Ring Size B

1.   Fur  40
2.   Type  20
3.   Colour  40
Total 100

  1. FUR: 40 points.  To be approximately 1.27cm (1/2inch) in length. Fine silky texture free from harshness and wooliness, intensely dense, smooth and level over the whole body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush like character, devoid of projecting guard hairs.
  2. TYPE: 20 points. Well proportioned and graceful carriage, the body sloping gently up to well rounded quarters set on strong hind legs, medium bone. Head bold and broad, ears erect and to be in proportion to body, dewlap should not be excessive, eyes and toenails should preferably match the body colour.
  3. COLOUR AND/OR MARKINGS: 40 points. As for Standard Rex

WEIGHT: Adults 1.700 - 2.041kg  (3¾lb - 4½lb)
Under 5 months to weigh up to 1.700kg  (3¾lb)

FAULTS: As for Standard Rex

DISQUALIFICATIONS: As for Standard Rex, weights outside the limits above and any rabbit with Netherland Dwarf features




Breed Standard for
the Broken Blanket Pattern Mini Rex Rabbit

Ring Size B

1)  Fur   40
2)  Type  20
3)  Colour  20
4)  Pattern  20
Total  100
1. Fur - As per Mini Rex Standard.
2. Type - As per Mini Rex Standard.
3. Colour and markings - All colours as per Mini Rex Standard. 
4. Broken Blanket Pattern - To have both ears completely coloured; white at base is permissible. Colour to head to match the body colour, which can be solid or with eye circles with evenly balanced nose spots. The body markings to be Blanket Pattern with colour starting at the shoulders and continuing over the back, sides and hind quarters. Preference should always be given to an evenly balanced pattern. Colour spots are permissible to the legs, belly and to the genital area. Total colouration should not be more than 60% of the body area, this cannot be less than 40% white.
Faults - More than 60% colour and less than 40% white to the body is to be considered a major fault. Not enough colour to cover shoulders, back, side and hind quarters. Pattern on head/muzzle not balanced.
Weight - As per Mini Rex Standard.
Disqualifications - As per Mini Rex Standard and an absence of colour to either ear, i.e. white patches.