Before you reserve (PLEASE READ)

Before you reserve a rabbit please ensure you have done plenty of research on rabbit care. 

Remember a well cared for rabbit can easily reach 10+ years. This is a big commitment that should not be taken lightly. 

Your rabbit will need more than just a hutch. They require daily exercise, attention and love. 

Rabbits do better in pairs (male & female) neutered.

Please make sure you have a suitable setup before reserving one of our babies. We will ask for photos of your setup prior to you reserving one (if you do not yet have a setup please let us know what setup you plan to get) 

Each rabbit that leaves us will be used to daily exercise in large runs, Handling everyday and lots of love. 

When collecting your rabbit you must have a suitable carrier with shavings and hay inside the box. If your carrier is unsuitable your rabbit/s will be unable to leave us.

If travelling more than 1hour you will need to attach a water bottle to the carrier. 

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